Dear Partners,


We would like to inform you that the following assortment changes are due as of 7th January, 2016.


Profile changes

In-Out Slim profile changes


This is to inform you that the vertical profile for In-Out Slim systems has been changed. The new profile (SAS067) –compared to the old one- is:


_the inlay hole goes to the middle of the profile
_the profile is more stable and stronger





The following finishes are discontinued


_In-Out vertical profile finishes: SAS 510.200.00 profile with C32-Bronze finish, SAS 510.202.00 profile with R87-Oak finish, SAS 510.203.00 profile with R87-Oak finish.


Inlay changes


Hereby we inform you that due to supplier change the standard inlay assortment of In-Out sliding door system has been changed. 

In-Out system: new lacquered MDF inlays (8 mm)



                   MDF BV – Brown red                                       MDF FH – White


                      MDF BE - Beige                                           MDF PS – Slate grey


                     MDF FK - Black                                           MDF N – Orange


                    MDF BO – Bordeaux                                  MDF IV - Ivory                                             

All of the inlays above are available in the following versions: matt, silk glossy(30%), glossy.


Other RAL-colours are available as per enquiry.


Inlays that have been discontinoued


_Lacquered MDF:  Aluminum (MDF A), Beige (MDF B), Cherry red (MDF MP)

_Veneered MDF: Beech-1-sided (F B/1), Walnut -1-sided (F D/1), Maple-1-sided (F JU/1), Haselnut-1-sided (F M/1), Oak-1-sided (F T/1), Wenge-1-sided (F V/1), Zebrano-1-sided (F Z/1), Shinnoki fraké (F SD/2), Shinnoki walnut (F SD/2)

_Decor glass: Liberty, white with safety foil (B4 LW fl)

_Veneered MDF: white with wood line (L FF), champagne with wood line (L FP) This change is relevant for our In-Out Wood sliding doors and Loft Solo shelving system.



Above changes are already effective in the webcalculator too.


Best regards,

Alu-Style Team