New AluFront Web online calculation and order software

The new online, web-based calculation and order software for the tailor-made frames- Alufront WEB- is availabe as of 10.10.2016.

The AluFront WEB software started on 10.10.2016, and it provides fast, comfortable and safe calculation of the individual-sized aluminium frames. It doesn't require installation, and it works on all operation system that supports web-browsing.

Advantages of AluFront WEB

  • Updates happen automatically, without any action of the user. Every user see the actual, valid version.
  • Of course new version has all the advantages, which AluFront NET had, too.
  • The renewed platform has many user-friendly innovations, which enables faster, more comfortable usage
  • The new software has up-to-date design, and to the other Web-softwares similar structure
  • Due to the implemented technical guidance you don’t need former high knowledge of the product, and with the help of the software you could avoid many mistakes at the order process, and of course lot of paperwork too.
  • The sent order appears immediately on Alu-Style’s server, therefore it goes to production as soon as possible.

Please click on the link below to acces to the software:

Best regards,

Alu-Style team