Alu-Style is 20 years old!

20 years ago the aluminium compnents in furniture industry became a quite relevant fashion. We took the advantage of this trend and founded Alu-Style in 1998. The company is still successful on Hungarian and international markets today: and we have completed our portfolio with many other aluminium furniture component, made-to-measure sliding doors, indoors and shelving system.

Celebrate with us!

We are 20 years old!

Do you remember what did you do 20 years ago?

In the first week of April, 1998, right when Alu-Style was founded

  • The president of the United States was Mr. Bill Clinton
  • we listened to the radio most probably Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On"
  • and the most popular movie in the cinema was City of Angels with Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan

... and on 8th April, exactly 20 years ago 5 privat person had founded the predecessor of Alu-Style, which begun its operation with 5 employees.

20 years development

Both the world and furniture industry have been changed a lot in the last 20 years.

Company Alu-Style is however very proud, that we could survive and even develop in these -not always easy- times. Taken advantage of the swing at the beginning the company has currently 90 employees and it is presented in 35 countries all over the world with its products, from which the most importants are furniture fronts, sliding doors and indoor systems.

Also our Italian affiliate celebrates its 5th birthday in 2018.

20 years - 20% discount!

No birthday is real without gifts!

Therefore we would like to invite you for a little game.

Date of the game

9. April, 2018. 8.00-16.00

Process of the game

Send your order with the usual way on 9th of April to us (e-mail, webkalkulator, etc.). In case your order is the 20th / 40th / etc. on that day, we will provide you 20% discount on the value of your order.

We will process all the orders by the 10th of April, and in case you are the lucky one, we will let you know immediately.

Hereby we would like to thank you on behalf of the whole company that you've chosen Alu-Style's products!